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When you complete the steps for creating the web service data control, the Application Navigator should look similar to this:

Application Navigator, web service data control created

The Data Controls panel shows the FreightCost data control you have created and made available to the application.

The new files added to the DataControl project include:

  • arg0.xml: Specifies the definitions for the bean attributes
  • calculateFreightCost.xml: Defines the accessor on the service interface and the bean class that contains the accessor method
  • FreightCost.xml: Defines the operational method on the service interface
  • DataControls.dcx: Serves as a "table of contents" listing all the data controls in the project. The DCX file is created the first time you register a data control on the business service. The DCX file contains information to initialize data controls to work with session beans.
  • adfm.xml: Is the registry used by the Data Controls panel in JDeveloper to locate the data controls that appear in the application. This file is not used at runtime.

As you will not be using the HTTP Analyzer moving forward, you can terminate the web service application and HTTP Analyzer by:

  • Clicking Terminate red icon Terminate on the main toolbar and choosing IntegratedWebLogicServer from the dropdown menu, and
  • Clicking terminate icon Terminate on the toolbar of the HTTP Analyzer log window (below the editor window).

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