tell me more icon In the IDE

When you complete the steps for adding the data control to the page, the visual editor should look similar to this:

Page in visual editor

When you run the page, the page in the browser should look similar to this:

Page in browser

After entering the input values and clicking the button, a single value is returned below the button:

Page in browser, value returned

For example, enter the following values into the fields, from top to bottom: 2, 20, NATIONAL, SILVER. The returned value should be 66.5.

In the Application Navigator, the ViewController project should look like this:

Application Navigator, ViewController project

The new files added to the ViewController project include:

  • CalculateFreightCostPageDef.xml: The page definition file for the JSF page. A page definition file defines the binding objects that populate the data in UI components at runtime. At runtime, the binding objects defined by a page definition file are instantiated in a binding container, which is the runtime instance of the page definition file.
  • DataBindings.cpx: The file defines the binding context for the entire application and provides the metadata from which the binding objects are created at runtime. It also maps individual pages to page definition files and declares which data controls are being used by the application.

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