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Oracle ADF control hints provides a centralized mechanism for any JavaBeans-based business service data item to be rendered in a consistent manner across all client types. This mechanism, known as control hints, permits application developers to centralize certain UI settings across clients and thereby control many aspects of the way the UI interacts with the data item. Because the control hints are set at the level of the business service, it can also reduce the amount of UI coding.

To begin customizing labels with ADF control hints, in the Application Navigator, you will select the .xml definition file that contains the attributes you want to modify.

Application Navigator, Structure window

In the Structure window, you will select the attribute for which you want to set a control hint, and then use the Property Inspector to add a Label value.

Property Inspector, UI Hints section

When you add control hints at the business service level, JDeveloper creates a .properties file for you that contains the text resources for the project.

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