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The file that defines the value for the control hints you set depends on the specific business service used for the project. In the case of beans-based business services, (including JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, and Oracle TopLink), by default JDeveloper generates a standard .properties file for the project and saves the control hint definitions as translatable strings.

Notice in the Application Navigator that the file has been added to the oracle package in the DataControl project:

Application Navigator, file

The project-level resource bundle option JDeveloper uses to save control hints is determined by the Resource Bundle page of the Project Properties dialog. By default JDeveloper sets the Resource Bundle Type option to Properties Bundle, which produces a .properties file.

The first time you customize a control hint in the project, JDeveloper creates the file. The file contains translatable key strings for the control hint definitions you added. For example, if you open in the source editor, you should see the following code that identifies the translatable string:

FreightCost.calculateFreightCost.params.arg0.batchId_LABEL=Order Number

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