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In many application development projects, the starting point is an existing database. JDeveloper gives you the ability to reverse engineer any existing objects in the database into your application. From there you can edit, delete and create new offline definitions prior to generating new SQL scripts.

Another advantage of reverse engineering from a database is the ability to visualize existing schemas in a diagram.

You will create a new project in your application for the reversed-engineered database objects.

To begin creating a new project, you will open the Create Generic Project dialog. To open the dialog, in the Application Navigator, open the Application Navigator dropdown menu and choose New Project .

Application Navigator dropdown menu

You will then reverse engineer database objects into the project using the Copy Database Objects to a Project wizard. To launch this wizard, choose File then choose New . In the New Gallery, expand Database Tier and select Offline Database Objects in the Categories tree. Then select Copy Database Objects to a Project in the Items list and click OK.

Copy Database Objects to a Project wizard, step 3

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