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One way to develop offline database object definitions is by using a database diagram. You can create offline tables, foreign key relationships, views, synonyms, sequences, usages, and joins directly on the diagram. You drag components from the Database page in the Component Palette onto the diagram, then draw relationships, and annotations such as attachments and dependencies between objects. A form of UML notation is used to represent each of the objects on the diagram. Each component you create on the diagram is also displayed in the Application Navigator.

To begin creating a database diagram, you will open the Create Database Diagram dialog. To open the dialog, choose File then choose New . In the New Gallery, expand Database Tier and select Offline Database Objects in the Categories tree, and select Database Diagram in the Items list. Then click OK.

Create Database Diagram dialog

From the diagram, you can edit your objects with in-place editing. Or you can open the object editors to declaratively edit them and add the elements that define the objects, such as columns, indexes, partitions, and tablespace.

A project can have many database diagrams and mix objects from different schemas and databases on one diagram.

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