tell me more icon Creating a JOIN

You can create a JOIN in the Edit View dialog; once the JOIN node is selected, the Edit button is available.

Edit View dialog

When you click Edit , the default JOIN is USING in the Edit Join dialog because the key column in both tables is PERSON_ID.

Edit Join dialog

Another way to populate a view and create a JOIN is to use the diagram. You can drag tables onto the view to add the table usages to the FROM clause of the view and all the columns to the SELECT clause. You can delete columns from the view using in-place editing. Alternatively you can select and drag individual columns from tables onto the view. You can have multiple table usages on the same view. You then need to create JOIN objects between the table usages in the view.

To do this, you would select Join Object icon Join Object in the Component Palette and click on the two table usages to be joined. This opens the Edit Join dialog, which would look similar to this:

Edit Join dialog

You then select the Join properties. Use JDeveloper's code completion functionality to select the columns.

In the editor:

  • type ' p' and select PERSONS
  • type ' .p' and select PERSON_ID
  • type ' ='

Then do the same to get ADDRESSES.PERSON_ID

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