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If you have been following along with the example, the database objects created emulate an Oracle 11g database. If you have created objects that emulate another database type, for example an Oracle XE database, you may not be able to create partitions in a table.

Partitioned tables allow the data to be broken down into smaller, more manageable pieces called partitions, that can aid performance. Partitions can be further broken down into subpartitions for finer levels of manageability and improved performance. Indexes can be partitioned in a similar fashion.

You will add another table (ORDERS) to your example and create a foreign key between it and the PERSONS table. You then add a partition to the ORDERS table to partition orders with an order date before 1 January 2007 and for the year 2007.

To begin creating another new table , you will open the Create Table dialog. To open the dialog, right-click the offline database node in the Application Navigator and choose New Data base Object then choose New Table .

Application Navigator context menu

You will specify the table name and other details in the Create Table dialog.

Crteate Table dialog

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