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You can connect to any database for which you have connection details. If you can connect as a user with DBA privileges, follow the steps in this card to create an IDE database connection and then create a new database user with the name DBDEMO.

If you don't have DBA privileges, ask your DBA to create a DBDEMO database user with the Roles and System privileges as specified in this card, and give you the password and connection details. Then you can proceed with the steps near the end of this card to create a DBDEMO connection.

To begin creating a database connection, you will open the Create Database Connection dialog. To open the dialog, choose File then choose New . In the New Gallery, select Connections in the Categories tree and Database Connection in the Items list. Then click OK.

new gallery

When you create a database connection, you specify a username and password to authenticate the connection. You may use any valid username and password and connect to any schema. If you are connecting to the database to create other users, you must enter a username that has been granted DBA privileges.

Create Database Connection dialog

After the new DBDEMO user has been created, create a DBDEMO connection using DBDEMO as the username to log in. The DBDEMO connection will be created in your application resources.

Create Database Connection, Application Resources

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