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If you have been following along with the example, the database objects created emulate an Oracle 11g database, and you can shuttle all the offline database objects to the Selected list.

If you have created objects that emulate another database type, for example an Oracle XE database, shuttle all objects except ORDERS to the Selected list. This is because table partitions have been defined in ORDERS, which are not supported in XE databases.

After selecting database objects in step 3 of the wizard, no additional action is needed in subsequent steps.

Generate SQL from Database Objects wizard, step 3

In Step 4 of the wizard you can select whether to CREATE, REPLACE or ALTER the chosen objects. In this example you are creating new objects so the default of CREATE can be accepted.

Step 5 allows you to specify the name and directory of the SQL script to be generated and other options such as prefixing the object name with the schema name.

Step 6 summarizes the options chosen in the wizard and lets you save this set of options for reuse.

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