tell me more icon Using ALTER and Manual Reconcile

Using A LTER and Manual Reconcile allows you to review the differences between the offline object definition and the object definition in the database. You are then able to specify which of the differences should be included in the generated DDL.

Generate SQL from Database Objects wizard, step 4

The left panel of the Manual Reconcile page shows the offline definition of the objects in your project. Objects that differ from the live database version of the same object are highlighted. You can select only show differences Only Show Differences to remove from view those items that have not changed.

Generate SQL from Database Objects wizard, step 5

By shuttling differences to the right panel you are specifying that these changes should be included in the DDL to be generated. If there is any text that has been changed (such as the addition of the comment on the GENDER column in this example), highlighting the text node will enable the compare text Compare Text button so that you can compare the full text.

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