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JDeveloper makes it easy to use a web service in an application by allowing you to create a proxy to the service with the Create Web Service Proxy wizard. A web service proxy lets you access the web service from a client application.

In the example, with the web service already running in JDeveloper's integrated server instance, you will create a proxy to the service, which you can use to send a request to the service and observe the response.

To begin, you will create a new project in the application by clicking application icon Application Menu, and selecting New Project .

Application Menu options

Alternatively, you can choose File then choose New to open the New Gallery, and then select the Generic Project item from the General category.

New Gallery, Generic Project

To create a web service proxy in the new project, you will launch the Create Web Service Proxy wizard from the New Gallery by expanding Business Tier in the Categories tree, selecting Web Services and then Web Service Proxy in the Items list.

New Gallery, Web Service Proxy

In the Create Web Service Proxy wizard, you will will reference the WSDL URL that JDeveloper automatically generated when you tested the web service:

Select Web Service Description wizard page

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