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There are two ways you can reference the web service description (WSDL): URL or existing web service description document file.

If you have an existing WSDL document file, you can use the Browse button to locate and use the document file (for example, C:\temp\mywebservice1port.wsdl).

In the example, you don't have an existing WSDL document, but you can reference the WSDL URL that JDeveloper automatically generated when you tested the web service in the integrated server instance in the previous cue card. For example, in the HTTP Analyzer test window, the WSDL URL is http://localhost:7101/ServiceFromClass-Project1-context-root/CreditRatingSoap12HttpPort?WSDL.

In the Create Web Service Proxy wizard, Select Web Service Description page, enter the WSDL URL in the WSD L Document URL field. When you use the URL, JDeveloper automatically selects the Copy WSDL Into Project checkbox.

Select Web Service Description wizard page

In this simple example, the proxy functions as the client interface and does not consult the local or remote WSDL at runtime. It is, however, still good practice to include the WSDL document in the project. For example, in a real-world application if the remote WSDL gets changed and caused a breakage, you can compare the remote WSDL with the local snapshot to look for differences.

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