tell me more icon Creating a WSDL Document

A WSDL (Web Service Description Language) document describes a web service and the operations (methods) the service exposes through a set of definitions.

To begin creating a WSDL document, you will open the Create WSDL Document dialog. To open the dialog, in the Application Navigator, right-click the project and choose New . In the New Gallery, expand Business Tier and select Web Services in the Categories tree. Then select WSDL Document in the Items list and click OK.

New Gallery, WSDL Document

In the example, you will use the WSDL visual editor to create the definitions in the WSDL document.

WSDL visual editor, Service created

After creating the WSDL document, you will validate the XML structure of the document by right-clicking the WSDL document node in the Application Navigator and choosing Validate WSDL from the context menu.

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