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Create WSDL Document dialog

A WSDL (Web Service Description Language) document is written in XML syntax format. A WSDL document describes a web service and the operations (methods) the service exposes through a set of definitions.

When you click OK in the Create WSDL Document dialog, JDeveloper will create an outline of the WSDL document and display the document in the WSDL visual editor. The default file extension for a WSDL document is .wsdl.

WSDL visual editor

In the example, you will create the WSDL definition of a service that supports one operation called processRating, deployed using the SOAP 1.2 protocol over HTTP. The request takes a number input of type String, and returns the rating as an integer.

You will use JDeveloper's integrated tools, namely, the WSDL visual editor, Structure window, and Property Inspector to create the definitions in the WSDL document. In the document, you will define the service interface by:

  • Importing an XML schema into the WSDL document
  • Adding a port type with one operation
  • Associating the port type with SOAP 1.2 binding

Before you start defining the WSDL document, you will create an XML schema document using sample code, which you will do in the next step. The XML schema contains two data elements ( ssn and rating) that will be used as input/output variables in the WSDL.

XSD visual editor

After creating the XML schema, you will import the schema into the WSDL to begin defining the service.

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