tell me more icon Importing the XML Schema

After creating the XML schema document, the editor window should look something like this:

Application Navigator, editor window

For easier maneuverability, undock the CreditRatingDetails.xsd window and dock it below the CreditRating.wsdl window so that you can see both visual editors in the editor window.

When you grab the title bar CreditRatingDetails.xsd and drag it down, the cursor changes and a purple box appears in the background. Drag the box until the box fills the entire bottom half of the editor window, then release the mouse.

Editor window

The editor window is now divided into two panels: CreditRating.wsdl is on top, above CreditRatingDetails.xsd.

Editor window divided into 2 panels

Then import the XML schema into the WSDL by dragging CreditRatingDetailsElement from the XSD schema editor and dropping it on the Port Types pane in the WSDL visual editor. In the Create Port Type dialog, you will enter RatingService in the Port Type Name field.

When you import the schema, JDeveloper creates a message in the WSDL document. You can see the message by clicking the grey small plus sign icon icon in front of Messages to expand the pane.

Message pane in WSDL visual editor

After importing the XML schema into the WSDL, you may close the XSD schema editor.

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