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A WSDL (Web Service Description Language) document is an XML-formatted document that describes a web service and the operations (or methods) the service exposes through a set of definitions. As you create a WSDL document using the integrated tools, JDeveloper generates the XML code for you, which you can view by using the XML editor.

Click the Source tab at the bottom of the editor to view the XML source code in the WSDL document.

XML source editor, CreditRating.wsdl

The root element of a WSDL document is the definition element, which declares the namespaces used in the document:

  • The xmlns attribute specifies that attribute names without a namespace qualification are in the default namespace,
  • The targetNamespace attribute specifies that elements in the WSDL declare names in the namespace, urn:CreditRating.
  • The xmlns:tns attribute specifies that names beginning with the prefix tns are in the namespace, urn:CreditRating.

The entire web service description is defined within the <definitions></definitions> tags, using the following elements:

  • types element: Imports or contains the schema definitions of the data types to be used in the messages that will compose the service.
  • message element: Defines the content of a message that is to be supported by the service. A message element can contain one or more part elements. Each part element is associated with a data type. In the example, when you imported the XML schema into the WSDL, JDeveloper added a message element for you.
  • portType element: Describes the operations of the service from messages. A portType element contains one or more operation elements. Each operation element, which describes an interaction pattern between a client and a server, may contain an input message, an output message, and a fault message. The order of the input and output elements within the operation element determines the order in which the messages occur within the operation.
  • binding element: Describes a specific communication protocol for each message in each operation of a portType element.
  • service element: Describes a web service as a collection of port elements. A port element defines a specific network address for a binding. A soap:address element within a port element specifies that the port receives SOAP messages.

For complete information on WSDL and the core elements, see the W3C Web Services Description Language page at

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