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The default view of the WSDL visual editor is Design, which provides a visual way to add elements to a WSDL document. There are four panes on the visual editor, namely, Messages, Port Types, Bindings/Partner Link Types, and Services. You can collapse and expand any pane by clicking the grey small plus sign icon or grey small minus sign icon icon in front of the name.

WSDL visual editor

On each pane header, there are green plus sign icon Add and red x icon Delete icons that allow you to add or delete elements, respectively. To add an element, on the pane where you wish to create the element, click green plus sign icon Add. For example, if you wish to create a message element, click green plus sign icon Add on the Messages pane header. To delete an element in a pane, select the element and then click red x icon Delete on the pane header.

When you click green plus sign icon Add to insert an element, JDeveloper displays a dialog for you to enter the appropriate information. For example, the Create Message dialog displays if you choose to add a new message element.

After adding an element, you can right-click the element on the editor (or in the Structure window), and JDeveloper will display a context menu of actions that you can perform on the element. When you visually edit the WSDL document using the WSDL visual editor, the changes are automatically synchronized and reflected in the other integrated tools such as the Structure window, Property Inspector, and XML editor.

WSDL editor, context menu

When you imported the schema, JDeveloper created a message in the WSDL document. You can see the message by clicking the grey small plus sign icon icon in front of Messages to expand the pane.

After changing the port type operation name, expand the elements in the Messages pane and the Port Types pane. On the Port Types pane, and click method parameter icon input. Notice that JDeveloper has drawn a line linking the input parameter to the RatingService_CreditRatingDetailsElement message. Similarly, click method return icon output to see how the message is associated with the operation.

WSDL visual editor, Port Type created

Move the mouse cursor over the elements. Notice the element name that displays in the gray area near the top of the editor as the cursor is over an element.

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