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A service is a collection of ports. A port defines a specific network address for a binding, which is a specific communication protocol for each message in each operation of a port type.

WSDL visual editor, Service created

After creating the service definition, in the Structure window, Design tab, expand definitions | Services | service - RatingService | port - RatingServicePort.

Structure window, WSDL document

By default, JDeveloper assigns the soap12:address location value to

<service name="RatingService">
  <port name="RatingServicePort" binding="tns:RatingServiceSOAP12Binding">
    <soap12:address location=""/>

The soap12:address location value or endpoint, is the location (URI) of the web service on the network, that is, where the finished web service will run. At this point, it doesn't matter what the location value is. In the next cue card, when you generate a Java web service from the WSDL, JDeveloper will insert the proper URI according to where the service is actually deployed.

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