tell me more icon Testing the Web Service in Integrated WebLogic Server

After you create a web service, you will usually test it to ensure that you get the results you expect. JDeveloper's IDE allows you to deploy the web service to an integrated server for testing.

By default, JDeveloper automatically configures an integrated server named Integrated WebLogic Server that references a user-specific instance of Oracle WebLogic Server bundled with the IDE. Integrated WebLogic Server is a Java EE runtime service for packaged archive deployment. Based on zero-copy deployment, Integrated WebLogic Server lets you run and test an application and its projects as a Java EE application in a Java EE container. No special connection setup is required to use Integrated WebLogic Server.

To deploy a web service to the integrated server, in the Application Navigator right-click the web service node and choose Test Web Service from the context menu.

Test Web Service context menu option

When you run a web service from the IDE, JDeveloper automatically:

  • Starts Integrated WebLogic Server, if not already running.
  • Compiles and binds the web service application to Integrated WebLogic Server.
  • Displays a Log window for Integrated WebLogic Server (if there is not one already open).

To stop the web service application, click terminate icon Terminate on the IntegratedWebLogicServer Log window and choose the application bound instance (for example, ServiceFromWsdl) from the dropdown menu.

Note: Terminating the application stops and undeploys the application from Integrated WebLogic Server but it does not terminate Integrated WebLogic Server.

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