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Policies are additional business functionality for web services, such as logging and security capabilities. The Configure Policies page of the Java Web Service Editor enables you to attach either Oracle Web Service Manager policies or Oracle WebLogic Server policies. The type of policy a web service can use is constrained by the type of web services it is: For JAX-WS, you can attach Oracle Web Service Manager (security only) policies or Oracle WebLogic Server policies; for JAX-RPC, you can attach Oracle WebLogic policies only.

Java Web Service Editor, Configure Policies

When you add Oracle Web Service Manager security policies, JDeveloper lets you select from a list of valid policies already associated with the current application:

Select Policy From List dialog

Policy stores can be local (that is, on the local file system) or remote (for example, on the application server). Currently JDeveloper only works with local policy stores. In JDeveloper the list of predefined policies comes from a default file-based policy store that is part of Integrated WebLogic Server. The location of the policy store is controlled by the WS Policy Store page of the Preferences dialog; you can change the default location, set an override location, or both.

When you use the Configure Policies page of the Java Web Service Editor to add predefined policies, JDeveloper will add the necessary annotations to the web service in the service implementation.

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