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Many ADF Faces components allow users to change the display of the component at runtime. For example, a user can change the position of the splitter in the Panel Splitter component or change whether or not a Show Detail or Show Detail Header component displays the children contents. By default, these changes live only as long as the page request. If the user leaves the page and then returns, the component displays in the manner it is configured by default.

When change persistence is enabled for the duration of a session (also known as session user customizations), the changes end users make are persisted through the length of the user's session until the user leaves the application.

Certain ADF Faces components have built-in support for session change persistence, that is, they provide persistence through implicitly persisted attributes, without any coding or event handling on your part. The following shows some of the attributes of some ADF Faces components that support implicit change persistence:

Component Attribute Remarks

Show Detail and
Show Detail Header

disclosed Children contents will display or be hidden, depending on the user's last action.
Panel Splitter splitterPosition Position of splitter will remain at the location where it was last moved by the user.
Column width Width of column will remain at the size the user last set it.
Column displayIndex By default the columns in a table will display in the same order as the data source. At runtime the user can move any column. The new column position will remain at the position where it was last moved by the user.

For the complete list of implicitly persisted attributes and components, see the ADF Faces documentation on OTN.

To make use of ADF Faces implicitly persisted attributes and components in a user session, you don't have to do anything special, but the following prerequisites must be met:

  • Session change persistence is enabled in the application (through the CHANGE_PERSISTENCE context parameter in web.xml).
  • The component that will persist a change must have a unique Id attribute value.

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