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User customizations in an application allow end users to make changes to certain UI components at runtime to suit individual preferences (for example, which columns are visible in a table), and have those changes "remembered" during the user's session or every time the user opens the application.

In this example, you will be enabling and working with user customizations across sessions, that is, the user customizations are permanently stored in a repository, and are restored whenever the end user reenters the application.

You must be in the Default role to begin working with user customizations. If necessary, use the Preferences - Roles dialog to change roles.

Preferences dialog, Roles page

To begin working with repository-based user customizations, you will open the Project Properties dialog. Right-click the ViewController project in the Application Navigator and choose Project Prop erties from the context menu.

In the Project Properties dialog, you will select ADF View. Then you will select E nable User Customizations and click Across Sessions Using MDS .

Project Properties dialog, Enable User Customizations

After enabling the application to use MDS user customizations, you will edit the adf-config.xml file to include the following:

  • The customization class for MDS user customizations
  • The components and associated attribute values or operations that you want to be persisted in the MDS repository

Overview editor, adf-config.xml

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