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User customizations or change persistence allow end users to make changes to certain UI components at runtime to suit individual preferences (for example, which columns are visible in a table). There are two types of user customizations:

  • Those that stay in place through the length of the user's session until the user exits the application
  • Those that are permanently stored in a repository and are restored whenever the user reenters the application

In this step you are enabling user customizations across sessions using MDS as the repository.

When you enable MDS user customizations, JDeveloper adds the following context initialization parameter into web.xml, if not already added:


The value of CHANGE_PERSISTENCE is set to for MDS change persistence or user customizations.

The following is also required in adf-config.xml for working with MDS change persistence (which JDeveloper has done for you):

<adf-faces-config xmlns="">

In addition to the elements JDeveloper added for you, to use MDS change persistence, the ADF Faces components that you want to persist changes must have unique Id attribute values.

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