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When you complete the steps for configuring ADF Security and creating a user, the ADF Policies page of the jazn-data.xml overview editor should look similar to this:

jazn-data editor, ADF Security Policies

You have defined an access policy for the selected ADF bounded task flow, granted an application role to the task flow, and selected task flow specific permissions to grant to members of the selected application role. The task flow permissions granted are listed under Actions (namely, View, Customize, Grant, and Personalize). The list of valid actions are specific to task flows, and their behavior are defined in the class.

Note that you do not need to define security policies for individual web pages of a bounded task flow. When the user accesses the bounded task flow, security for all pages will be managed by the permissions you grant to the task flow. And, because the contained web pages (with associated page definitions) are inaccessible by default, ADF Security prevents users from directly accessing the pages of the task flow.

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