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When you make a persistent component attribute change on the Browse or More page, JDeveloper creates an XML metadata change persistence file using the page's file name, and stores the XML file in a subfolder in the mdssys/cust/user folder. For example, the XML change persistence file created for the Browse page is Browse.jspx.xml.

By default JDeveloper creates the mdssys/cust/user folder in the system11.1.1.1.x.x.x/o.mds.dt/adrs/< application_name>/AutoGeneratedMar/mds_adrs_writedir directory where you have JDeveloper installed. For example, C:/JDeveloper_Home/jdeveloper/system11.1.1.1.x.x.x/o.mds.dt/adrs/CustomizeApp/AutoGeneratedMar/mds_adrs_writedir.

In the mdssys/cust/user folder, the XML metadata change persistence files are stored in different subfolders sorted by user id. For example, mdssys/cust/user/user1 where user1 is the user id.

By default JDeveloper also preserves customizations across applications runs. This means when you stop the application and then rerun it, you should see all the changes you made during the previous run. You can change the default setting in the Application Properties dialog.

Application Properties, Run page

If you choose not to preserve customizations across application runs, the metadata change persistence files and the entire mdssys/cust/user folder are deleted each time you run the application from within JDeveloper. Be sure to make a copy of the entire mdssys/cust/user folder and its contents if you want to save the metadata change persistence files.

When a real-world application configured to use MDS is being deployed, the administrator will be prompted to select an MDS repository. In a typical application that is deployed to a standalone server, the metadata change persistence files created when you personalize the application are stored in the selected MDS repository.

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