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If you open a metadata change persistence file, you should see the elements JDeveloper created when you personalized the page at runtime. For example, if you open Browse.jspx.xml, you should see code similar to the following:

<mds:customization ...>
  <mds:modify element="s2c1">
    <mds:attribute name="displayIndex" value="0"/>
  <mds:modify element="s2c4">
    <mds:attribute name="displayIndex" value="1"/>
  <mds:modify element="s2c3">
    <mds:attribute name="displayIndex" value="2"/>
  <mds:modify element="s2c5">
    <mds:attribute name="displayIndex" value="3"/>
    <mds:attribute name="width" value="302"/>
  <mds:modify element="s2c6">
    <mds:attribute name="displayIndex" value="5"/>
  <mds:modify element="s2c2">
    <mds:attribute name="displayIndex" value="4"/>
  <mds:modify element="ps1">
    <mds:attribute name="splitterPosition" value="412"/>

MDS records persistent changes against the unique value of the component's Id attribute.

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