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The JDeveloper application is the highest level in the organizational structure. It stores information about the objects you are working with, while you are creating your application. It keeps track of your projects and the environment settings.

To begin creating a new application and project, you will open the Create Application wizard. To open the wizard, in the Application Navigator, click New Application.

Application Navigator, New Application icon

If an application is open, select New Application from the dropdown list.

New Application dropdown option

A JDeveloper application allows you to specify a predefined type of environment, based on prebuilt templates, depending on the type of application you want to create (web application, Java application, and so on). The template you select determines the initial project structure, and the named project folders within the application. You can alter existing templates or create new ones.

In this example, you will choose to use the Fusion Web Application template that is configured for building a databound ADF web application. It consists of one project for the view and controller components (ADF Faces and ADF Page Flow), and another project for the data model (ADF Business Components).

A JDeveloper project is used to logically group files that are related. A project keeps track of the source files, packages, classes, images, and other elements that your program may need. You can add multiple projects to your application to easily access, modify, and reuse your source code.

Projects manage environment variables such as the source and output paths used for compiling and running your program. Projects also maintain compiler, runtime, and debugging options so that you can customize the behavior of those tools per project.

In the Application Navigator, projects are displayed as the top level in the hierarchy.

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