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A customizable application means you can take the application and make modifications to it to suit the needs of a particular group, such as an industry or site. In Oracle Application Developer Framework (ADF) applications, you can create customization classes and layers to support the customization of metadata content, and then customize the metadata within the context of a specified layer.

To begin defining a customization layer, you will open the file CustomizationLayerValues.xml, which is located in the folder /jdev where JDeveloper is installed (that is, <JDEVELOPER_HOME>/jdeveloper/jdev). To locate and open the file, from the File menu, you will choose Open to display the Open dialog.

File menu, Open

In the file CustomizationLayerValues.xml, you will modify values in the site customization layer to add two configurable layer values:

XML editor, cust-layer values

You will also create a runtime file, which contains the configurable layer values defined for one or more default customization layers. To add a file, you will use the Create File dialog, which you can access from New Gallery. In New Gallery, you will select General in the Categories tree, then select File in the Items list.

New Gallery, General, File

In the file, you will add the layer values defined for the site customization layer .

Source editor, customization properties

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