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A customization class is the interface that the Oracle Metadata Services (MDS) framework uses to define which customization layer should be applied to the application's base definition metadata. Each customization class corresponds to a customization layer. The customization class evaluates the current context and returns a String result. This String result is used to locate the customization layer.

In a customization class, the following have to be provided:

  • A name
  • An array of values (that correspond to the customization layers returned from the runtime properties file, after evaluating the customization class. Typically, each layer returns a single value.
  • A cache scope for customization layers defined by the customization class

Multiple customization layers can be applied on top of the application's base metadata. Layered customization is applied in the order of precedence as defined by the order of customization classes specified the configuration file adf-config.xml.

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