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Deployment profiles are used to define the settings for archives in order to deploy a project or an application to an external server. In the example, you are creating a profile for deploying a simple archive to the file system. JDeveloper will use the deployment profile name you enter in the Create Deployment Profile dialog as the name of the generated JAR when you deploy the project.

Create Deployment Profile dialog

By default JDeveloper will save the JAR in the project's deploy folder. You will, however, change the location of the JAR to <JDEVELOPER_HOME>/jdeveloper/jdev/lib/patches in the Edit JAR Deployment Profile Properties dialog.

Edit JAR Deployment Profile Properties, JAR Options

A deployment profile names the source files, deployment descriptors, and other auxiliary files that will be packaged, the type and name of the archive file to be created, dependency information, platform-specific instructions, and other information. In the File Groups section of the Edit JAR Deployment Profile Properties dialog, you will select Filters and then specify the set of files that will be included in the deployed archive.

Edit JAR Deployment Profile Properties, Filters

To reopen the project deployment profile later to make changes, right-click the project in the Application Navigator and choose Proj ect Properties , then select the name of the profile in the Deployment section of the Project Properties dialog and click Edit .

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