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Before you start creating JSF pages, you will enable seeded customizations in the project. To do this, you will open the Project Properties dialog by right-clicking the ViewController project in the Application Navigator, and choosing Proj ect Properties from the context menu. In the dialog, you will select ADF View, then select the checkbox to enable seeded customizations.

Project Properties dialog, Enable Seeded Customizations

To begin creating customizable JSF pages, you will define a bounded task flow and then create the pages from the task flow diagrammer. To create a bounded task flow, you will right-click the ViewController project and choose New . Then in the New Gallery, expand the Web Tier category and select JSF, and in the Items list, select ADF Task Flow.

New Gallery, Web Tier, JSF

In the Create Task Flow dialog, you will choose to create a bounded task flow and enter a name for the task flow definition.

Create Task Flow dialog, bounded task flow

After creating the bounded task flow, you will use the task flow diagrammer and Component Palette to add View activities to represent the pages in the task flow. In the example, you will be defining a bounded task flow for navigating between an abbreviated Orders read-only form and a form showing all the details of the order.

Task Flow Diagrammer

To create the physical JSF pages, you will double-click the page icons on the task flow diagram to open the Create JSF Page dialog.

Create JSF Page dialog

In the Create JSF dialog, you are not allowed to create .jsp files. Customizations are not allowed on .jsp pages. All customizable pages must be .jspx documents because MDS requires that pages be XML-based to be customized.

To design the page contents, you will use tools such as the visual editor, Component Palette, and Data Controls panel. The Data Controls panel is part of the Application Navigator where Oracle ADF data controls are represented. The data controls can be added to a page as UI controls. Examples of UI controls include input fields, forms, and tables. To access the data controls, expand the Data Controls panel, then expand the application module node FODAppModuleDataControl to show the structure of the business service.

Data Controls panel

In the Browse page, you will create a read-only form for some of the attributes in the OrdersView1 data control. In the More page, you will add a read-only form for all the attributes in the same OrdersView1 data control. When you drag a node from the Data Controls panel to the page, the Create menu displays for you to select the type of UI control you wish to insert.

Create Form context menu

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