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The Data Controls panel is a JDeveloper data binding tool that is part of the Application Navigator. The Data Controls panel shows the structure of your business components data model in a hierarchical display of available business objects, methods, and data control operations.

Data Controls panel

The Data Controls panel reflects the master-detail hierarchies in your application module data model by displaying detail data collections nested under their master data collection. For example, the OrderItemsView2 collection is shown as a child node under the OrdersView1 collection, indicating the master-detail relationship between orders and order items.

With the aid of the Data Controls panel, UI design is a series of drag-and-drop steps. The list of available UI controls appears when you drop a data object selection (collection or attribute) from the panel into the page. Only the UI controls that are appropriate to display the chosen data object will appear in the list. For example, when you drag a collection from the Data Controls panel, your UI choices include table and form controls, but do not include text input and output controls.

Create Form context menu Create Table context menu

In the example, when you drag the OrdersView1 collection from the Data Controls panel onto the page and choose Form then choose ADF Read-only Form from the Create context menu, you are creating a read-only form to display data from the OrdersView view object.

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