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When you complete the steps for creating customizable JSF pages, the ViewController project in the Application Navigator should look similar to this):

Application Navigator

The Application Sources folder in the ViewController project contains the required application object definition files for rendering and processing pages that contain ADF databound UI components.

In the visual editor, you should see the components that make up the read-only forms you created. The components are bound to attributes in the ADF data controls, and include ADF data binding expression language (EL) expressions that reference binding objects for displaying data from the data model. The following illustration shows the Browse page in the visual editor:

Visual editor,

When you run the base application, the Browse page appears in your browser, which should look similar to this:

Browse page in browser window

Using the navigation buttons changes the current row in the Orders form. When you click More Details to navigate to the More page, the More page should show the full details for the currently displayed Orders row in the Browse page.

More page in browser window

When you click Return on the More page, the application should navigate back to the Browse page.

At this point, you have prepared the base application to accept MDS customizations and created two view pages that can be customized. In the next step, you will customize the application by modifying the view pages and adding an object in the data model.

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