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When you complete the steps for customizing the Browse and More pages in the site/remoteoffices context, the pages in the visual editor should look similar to these:

Visual editor, More page

Visual editor, Browse page

On the Browse page, you should see the View menu and Detach toolbar items above the order items table, which has a sixth column, ProductName. In the Property Inspector, tip layer modifications are indicated by a orange icon (non-tip layer changes are indicated by an green icon).

Property Inspector

On the More page, you should see the showDetailHeader component around the components that make up the orders form. As shown in the Structure window of More.jspx, the Return button is within af:form but outside of af:showDetailHeader.

Structure window, More page

In the Application Navigator, ViewController project, you should now see:

  • The mdssys/cust/site/remoteoffices folder under Web Content, which contains the customization metadata documents More.jspx.xml and Browse.jspx.xml that were created when you customized the pages by adding and moving UI components
  • The subpackage mdssys/cust/site/remoteoffices (in the oracle.view.pageDefs package under Application Sources), which contains the page definition customization metadata document BrowsePageDef.xml.xml that was created when you customized the Browse page by adding a databound Table component

Application Navigator, ViewController project

The customization metadata files contain the instructions for implementing customizations in an application. At runtime, the application applies the customization metadata files over the base application, in the order of precedence as defined in the cust-config section of the adf-config.xml file.

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