tell me more icon Running the Application in the Customization Layer

When an application with customized metadata is run, the applicable customizations that belong to the active layer values in are loaded from the corresponding repository and layered over the base metadata of the application to produce the desired customized contents for viewing. You do not have to switch back the Default role before you run the application.

In the example you will first run the application with site=headquarters as the active layer value in To begin running the application, you will right-click orders-task-definition in the Application Navigator and choose R un .

Application Navigator, Run context menu item

The default Browse activity will be executed and the Browse page will display in your browser, showing the base contents plus the customized contents in the site=headquarters context.

Then you will open the file using your file system editor. You will edit the layer values to make the site=remoteoffices layer value active, and the site=headquarters layer value inactive:

#Configured values for the default layer values

To run the application in the new active layer value, you will stop the application and rerun the application.

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