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The Create Business Components from Tables wizard allows you to easily create a package of business domain components (entity objects, associations, and domains) from existing database objects and optionally to create a default package of data model components (view objects, view links, and an application module) from these newly generated business domain components.

The particular database objects that you choose in the wizard are important. Your selections will determine how the generated business components will be related. For instance, if two tables define a one-to-many relationship through their foreign key column, the business components generated by the wizard will also describe this relationship. In the business components terminology, a one-to-many relationship is also known as a master-detail relationship. In the example, the two tables will be used to display data in a master-detail form.

JDeveloper also provides business component wizards that let you edit any business components you create with this wizard, and add new business components later.

The Create Business Components from Tables wizard does not create a user interface (this is governed by the "view" portion of the application), nor does it determine other application logic such as control flow. It just provides a representation of, and access to, data, and implements business logic.

Specifically, Oracle ADF Business Components technology handles all aspects of application plumbing automatically:

  • It automatically handles O/R mappings and persistence for instances of its own library classes
  • It allows you to make complex requests for data retrieval using SQL
  • It automatically handles transaction management, including optimistic or pessimistic locking
  • It provides a framework for implementing complex business logic
  • It automatically implements many Java EE design patterns
  • It has a powerful caching and data passivation system for increasing the performance and scalability of applications

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