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The edit form panel you added previously is created by JDeveloper using FormLayout in the data panel, as shown in the Structure window:

Structure window

FormLayout is provided by JGoodies Forms, an open source framework included with JDeveloper. FormLayout provides a grid of columns and rows for laying out components in a container.

The Column Properties dialog lets you edit the properties of a column in the FormLayout container.

Column Properties dialog

Alignment, Fill causes the component to fill the column width.

Component Size, Default means the largest component's preferred size will be used to determine the column width, but the column will shrink to to the width of that component's minimum when space is scarce.

Resize, None means resizing of the column is prevented.

By setting the first column's properties in FormLayout to the values shown above, this means the width of first column in the master edit form (that contains the labels for the attribute values in the Orders collection) will be only as large as the longest label text in the form. You will see this in your client form after you rebuild the View project.

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