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In a master form, detail table, the role of the detail table is to display the individual data objects of the detail collection related to the current object in the master collection. The detail portion of the client form requires its own panel and layout manager, and can include a navigation bar for browsing objects in the detail collection.

By creating the detail panel separately and then adding it to the client form, you can reuse the panel in other forms if you wish. To design the detail portion for inclusion in the client form, you will use an ADF Swing panel. To begin creating the ADF Swing panel, you will use the Create ADF Swing Empty Panel dialog. To open the dialog, in the Application Navigator, right-click the View project and choose New . In the New Gallery, select ADF Swing under Client Tier in the Categories tree, and Empty Panel in the Items list, then click OK.

New Gallery, Client Tier, ADF Swing

In the Create ADF Swing Empty Panel dialog, you will enter a panel name and accept all other default values. The generated ADF Swing empty panel will also be initialized with ADF data binding code.

Create ADF Swing Empty Panel

Because the detail panel generally displays many data objects for the user to view together, the UI typically relies on a table control for this purpose and a navigation bar to permit browsing of the table's displayed data objects.

To layout the detail panel, you will use the Data Controls panel to insert the detail collection of the master collection that was previously used to create the master edit form.

Data Controls panel, OrderItemsView2

First you will add a navigation bar.

Java visual editor, context menu Add Child

Next you will use the Component Palette to add a JScrollPane container, which will enable scrolling for the table.

Component Palette, Swing page, Containers

Then you will use the Data Controls panel again, this time inserting a table into the JScrollPane container.

OrderItemsPanel in visual editor

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