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Because the detail portion of your client form will display a set of data objects in the detail collection, your panel needs to contain a collection-level UI control. The table control is ideally suited for this purpose. Each row of the table corresponds to a single data object, such as an order items record, where the attributes of each object correspond to the table columns.

The navigation bar control, which operates on all the data objects of the detail collection, will allow the user to browse the data objects in the table. To make sure the navigation bar is inserted at the top of the panel, drop the detail collection near the top left corner of the empty panel.

Java visual editor, context menu Add Child

Java visual editor, detail panel

Before you add the table control, you will use the Component Palette to add JScrollPane, which will enable scrolling for the table. You will drop the scroll pane in the center of the space below the navigation bar.

Visual editor, Component Palette

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