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In an ADF Swing application, forms rely on the ADF panel binding object to coordinate between the exposed collections. While it is possible to create a multiform application to display the master-detail forms and tables in separate windows, relying on a single window to display the data objects of both the master and the detail collections ensures that the client form shares a single panel binding instance. The process of creating a multiform application in ADF Swing, by contrast, requires additional code to manage the panel binding instance between both windows.

At this point you have a completed, separate detail OrderItems panel, and your client form has a data panel that contains the master Orders panel (shown as panelOrdersView1Helper1 in the Structure window).

Structure window

In this card you will complete the client form by inserting the detail OrderItems panel into the client form, placing it below the master Orders panel.

Java visual editor, master form detail table

By creating the detail panel separately and then adding it to the client form, you can reuse the detail panel in other forms if you wish.

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