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The BorderLayout layout manager arranges a container's components in one of five areas within a BorderLayout, based on the constraints property of the component: North, South, East, West, and Center.

Constraints property values for BorderLayout

After you drop the detail order items panel on the client form, make sure the panel component's constraints property value is Center. To verify this, in the Structure window, select container icon orderItemsPanel1, then go to the Constraints property editor by clicking the Constraints tab.

Structure window

In the Constraints property visual editor, make sure the center box is selected. If the center box is not selected, select it to change the constraints property value for orderItemsPanel1.

Constraints property visual editor

Note: The Constraints property visual editor is located next to the Property Inspector by default. If the Constraints property visual editor is not already open, choose View then choose Java then choose Constraints .

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