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Oracle ADF control hints provide a centralized mechanism for any JavaBeans-based business service (including Oracle ADF Business Components) data item to be rendered in a consistent manner across all client types. This mechanism, known as control hints, permits application developers to centralize certain UI settings across clients and thereby to control many aspects of the way the UI interacts with the data item. Because they are set at the level of the business service, using control hints can also reduce the amount of UI coding in the Swing client.

To begin customizing a form with ADF control hints, you will open the overview editor for view objects. To do this, in the Model project in the Application Navigator, you will right-click the view object that defines the attributes for which you want to set control hints, then choose Open ViewObjectName from the context menu.

In the overview editor for the view object, you will select Attributes to display the view object's attributes. Then you will double-click the desired attribute to open the attribute's Edit Attribute dialog.

Overview editor for view objects, Attributes

In the Edit Attribute dialog of the view object attribute, you will enter text in the Label Text field to add a customized label for the attribute.

Edit Attribute dialog, Control Hints

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