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When you complete the steps for customizing labels with control hints, the Model project in the Application Navigator should look similar to this:

Application Navigator, Model project

When you define attribute control hints for a Business Components object in the Model project, by default JDeveloper creates a project-level resource bundle file in which to store them. The hints that you define can then be used by generated forms and tables in associated view clients. The resource bundle option JDeveloper uses to save control hints is determined by the Resource Bundle page of the Project Properties dialog. By default JDeveloper sets the Resource Bundle Type option to Properties Bundle, which produces a .properties file.

The first time you customize a control hint in the project, JDeveloper created the file. The file contains translatable key strings for the control hint definitions you added. For example, you should see the following:

model.OrdersView.OrderId_LABEL=Order Number
model.OrdersView.OrderDate_LABEL=Date of Order
model.OrdersView.OrderTotal_LABEL=Total Price

When you created control hint labels, JDeveloper also updated the OrdersView view object with label metadata for the attributes whose control hints you modified. For example, for the attribute OrderId, you should see the following:


When you run the application, the application window should now look similar to this:

Application window

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