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An ADF task flow includes the view activities and control flow rules that define an application's page flow. There are two types of task flows: bounded and unbounded. A bounded task flow has a single entry point and zero or more exit points; it contains its own set of private control flow rules, activities, and managed beans. An unbounded task flow is for top-level application flows; it consists of all activities and control flows in an application that are not included within any bounded task flow. A typical application is a combination of an unbounded and one or more bounded task flows.

You will first create an ADF task flow diagram that defines the flow of your application: a browse page leading to an edit page and a task flow return. You will create a bounded task flow because later you will use your task flow in a region inside a containing page.

To begin creating a task flow, you will open the Create ADF Task Flow dialog. To open the dialog, in the Application Navigator, you will right-click the ViewController node and choose New . Then in the New Gallery, expand the Web Tier category and select JSF, and in the Items list, select ADF Task Flow.

create task flow dialog

The new task flow diagram opens up empty in the diagrammer. You will create control flow cases by drawing them on your ADF task flow diagram. By doing this you will be adding control flow (navigation) rules to the configuration file for your application.

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