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By using a task flow diagram you can plan out the pages in your application and define the navigation rules for users to navigate between the pages.

You draw task flow diagrams using the diagrammer. To open the diagrammer, you double-click the configuration file in the Application Navigator (for example, orders-flow.xml), then in the editor window, select the Diagram tab.


You add pages and navigation rules to a navigation diagram by selecting elements from the ADF Task Flow page of the Component Palette and dropping them on the diagram, or by creating the pages first, and then dragging them from the Application Navigator onto the diagram.

When you draw navigation on a task flow diagram:

  • The required navigation rules and cases are added to the configuration file automatically for you.
  • The different cases for each rule are shown on the diagram as arrows connecting pages, with the direction of the arrow indicating the pages from which and to which the user will navigate. A label is associated with each case, to be used to distinguish the different cases from a single page.

There are two ways to change the outcome of a control flow case: change the label directly on the diagram; or select the control flow case and change its from-outcome property in the Property Inspector.

Each navigation rule in a configuration file defines what the destination should be for one or more links from a single page. For each link on that page, you need a separate case of the rule, that is, a navigation case.

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