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The first task flow, orders-flow.xml, contains two view activities: browseOrders and editOrders, plus a control flow from browseOrders to editOrders and another in the opposite direction. It also contains a task flow return and a control flow from editOrders to commit. The first activity you dropped is the default, as indicated by the green halo or circle. Currently the task flow does not do anything: the warning ! icon on each view activity indicates that the view activity is not bound to any page. Later you will tie a page to each view activity, and add a button to each page that executes the control flow, and navigation.


The second task flow, calling-flow.xml, contains only the task flow call to the first task flow orders-flow.

task flow call

You can see the rules that JDeveloper has added to the task flow file using a visual format by clicking the Overview tab at the bottom of the editor window and selecting the Control Flows navigation tab at the left, for example:

Overview editor, Control Flows page

You can see the same rules in the XML source of the task flow file by clicking the Source tab at the bottom:

source editor

In the Application Navigator, under Web Content in the ViewController project you can see the bounded task flow configuration files you created. The ViewController project in the Application Navigator also contains a default unbounded task flow, adfc-config.xml, which was added by JDeveloper when you first created the application.

Application Navigator

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