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You can compile several nodes in an application in any combination: the entire application, an entire project, or specific files. To start the compiler, you will right-click a node in the Application Navigator and choose either Make or Re build .

You can optionally run your application without compiling it first by choosing the R un command, since the source files will always be saved and compiled prior to running. If there is no default run target specified and you attempt to run the project, you'll be prompted to choose a run target.

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JDeveloper uses the powerful, full-featured Java compiler (Javac) to build your projects or parts of your projects. Javac fully supports the Java language. Details of a compile are displayed in the Log window.

JDeveloper allows you to control how your files are compiled, including which warnings to show, on the Project Properties dialog, Compiler page. You can customize various compiler settings, by choosing Application then choose Proj ect Properties then choose Compiler .

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