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When you run the browseOrders.jspx page, it should look similar to this page in your browser:

browse page in browser

When you click Edit Order to navigate to the editOrders.jspx page, the page should look similar to this:

edit page in browser

Note: When you click Return on the editOrders.jspx page, the form data is validated and saved on the middle-tier. Any changes, however, are not committed to the database until you click Save.

When you click New Order on the browseOrders.jspx page, the page in your browser should look similar to this:

new order page in browser

The negative number in the OrderId field is a placeholder only. A placeholder is used when the primary key's type is set to DBSequence (which uses a database trigger to generate the sequence). When the new order details are committed, a new row is inserted into the database, then the order id number is refreshed to the next number in the sequence of orders from the database.

Next, you will provide some additional means of making it easier for users to enter values, specifically by providing lists of values.

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