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It is a common requirement that some web pages be available to all users, regardless of their specific access privileges. For example, the home or welcome page should be seen by all visitors to the site, while a corporate site should be available only to those who have identified themselves through authentication.

In both cases, the page may be considered public, because the ability to view the page is not defined by the users' specific permissions. Rather, the difference is whether the user is anonymous or a known identity.

In the Oracle ADF Security model, you differentiate between the absence of security and public access to content by granting access privileges to the anonymous-role principal. The anonymous role encompasses both known and anonymous users, thus permission granted to anonymous-role allows access to a resource by unauthenticated users, for example, guest users. To provide access to authenticated users only, the policy must be defined for the authenticated-role principal.

Roles are selected in the Select Roles dialog:

Select Roles dialog

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